5 Screening Tests Every Man Should Get

Healthcare facilities should be utilized even if you feel healthy. By going for a routine medical checkup, your risk will be assessed for future medical problems. This way, doctors can prescribe supplements and recommend diet changes to encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

Routine checkup ensures that you get vaccinated on time. Screening tests are important for men as well. For example, high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels may not have symptoms in the early stages. Blood tests can help check for these conditions. You may also be tested for hormone levels and in case of any issue with your results, you can consult Erectile Dysfunction Doctor. There are specific times when you should see your healthcare provider for a screening test.

Here are some screening tests every man should get to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Blood Pressure Screening

You should get your blood pressure checked once every 3 years if it is in the normal range and you don’t have any risk factors for high blood pressure. On the contrary, your blood pressure should be checked yearly if you often have high blood pressure. Another reason to get it checked every year is when you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney problem, obesity, or other health conditions. 

Diabetes Screening 

You should be screened for diabetes starting at age 35 and then repeat the tests every 3 years if you have no risk factors related to it. 

Screening may need to be started earlier on and repeated if you have other risk factors for diabetes like first-degree relative with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, prediabetes, or a history of heart disease.  

Cholesterol Screening

Normally screening cholesterol tests should begin at age 45 for men who have no known risk factors for coronary heart disease. And age 20 for men with known risk factors for coronary heart disease. 

Repeated cholesterol screening should be done every 5 years for men with normal cholesterol levels. It should be done more often if any changes occur in lifestyle like an unhealthy diet and weight gain. 

Physical Exam 

You should visit your physician even if you are in a healthy state. You could get in contact with a disease that does not show symptoms in the early stage but shows itself only when it is too late to reverse the medical condition. You can consult a medical collaborator to ensure that you get the best quality of medical care and get accurate results for your tests.

With routine physical checkups, you can get new vaccination shots on time and maintain a relationship with your healthcare provider in case of an illness. Your height, weight, BMI, and other vitals will also be checked. 

Skin Exam 

Your healthcare provider will check your skin for any signs of skin cancer. It is important in case you are at high risk such as if you have had skin cancer before. If you have close relatives with skin cancer, then you need to get a skin examination.

Another reason to visit your doctor for a skin exam is when you have a weakened immune system.

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