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Responsibilities of American Technology Consulting

Job Description of American Technology Consulting

LOCATION: 1441 44th Street NW Fargo North Dakota USA 58102

INTERVIEW: In-character interview

DESCRIPTION: American Technology Consulting

American Technology Consulting Provides simple everyday operational help for a computing environment (computer center, unit computing, a network of users, and so forth.), following established approaches, to contribute to the smooth jogging of that surroundings. Support activities require a few technical historical pasts at the same time as being strongly administrative. Performs/video display units fashionable tactics or operations which are rather strong and/or especially regular in how to restore. TYPICAL EXAMPLES: –control of onsite desktop hardware, software program troubleshooting, printer hardware control, and smart palms assist for the server/network assist for convention rooms, asset lifecycle control, and computer deployments for unit customers.

American Technology Consulting (ATC) Let's Explore About it

Performs/video display units preferred tactics or operations which can be incredibly strong and/or quite consistent in the way to fix. TYPICAL EXAMPLES: imaging computer systems, changing printer toner, disposing of old assets, and resolving problem tickets from ServiceNow queues.

  • Documents recording and/or distributing data. Has a few breadth, depth, and/or frequency of interplay with external contacts. Typical examples include updating belongings within the Asset Center, following KB articles for hassle decisions, and following unit-precise tactics.
  • Responsible for powerful email communications and capacity to create and preserve simple files/statistics: TYPICAL EXAMPLES: –contact lists –process logs –trouble incidence reports –patron information updates – outside deliver orders –stock, preservation or different provider statistics–managing trendy centers management requests
  • Responsible for spotting issues with the tactics/operations supported. Is chargeable for resolving those problems with pre-set up and documented solutions. Is responsible for reporting to others those problems that fall out of doors the scope of installed strategies.
  • Maintainsgadgetst, substances, and records supporting methods or operations. Typical examples include scheduling ordinary device protection, ordering substances, monitoring stock, updating records statistics, and interacting with suppliers.

Specific Position Requirements

Visa sponsorship is not available, now or shortly, for this function.


  • Performs/video display units’ preferred procedures or operations which are pretty solid and/or extraordinarily steady in a way to restore. TYPICAL EXAMPLES: imaging computers, changing printer toner, doing away with previous belongings, and resolving hassle tickets from ServiceNow queues.
  • Documents recording and/or distributing statistics. Has some breadth, depth, and/or frequency of interplay with external contacts. Typical examples include updating assets within the Asset Center, following KB articles for hassle decisions, and following unit-specific methods.
  • Responsible for effective e-mail communications and the capability to create and preserve basic documents/facts: TYPICAL EXAMPLES: –touch lists –method logs –problem occurrence reviews –patron records updates – outside delivery orders –stock, preservation or different service information–managing widespread centers administration requests
  • Responsible for spotting problems with the strategies/operations supported. Is answerable for resolving the ones problems with pre-hooked up and documented solutions. Is chargeable for reporting to others the one’s problems that fall outside the scope of setup methods.
  • Maintains system, supplies, and facts supporting processes or operations. Typical examples consist of scheduling ordinary equipment renovation, ordering materials, monitoring inventory, updating statistics statistics, and interacting with suppliers.

Company Description

At ATC we preserve an eye on destiny, innovate continuously, and combine disruptive technology into leap-forward solutions. This is how we partner with organizations to transport them ahead and assist them win. Check out our video – https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=RSq5tLLa9qE Training and Development: Impactful training, together with SAFe publications, and ongoing improvement are only a morsel of our skills. Explore all of them.


Waterloo, IA • Fargo, ND

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