How To Properly Store CDs and DVDs


Like other information media, CDs and DVDs require careful storage. This is important for the systematization of electronic media, their convenient use, and the preservation of the data recorded on them. Where and how CDs and DVDs are stored determines their safety and quick access.

Great importance is given to storing optical storage devices in specialized archives, libraries, and offices. However, in organizing living spaces, it is also important to ensure proper storage of CDs so that they take up a minimum of space and bring maximum benefit.

Why Do CDs And DVDs Deteriorate?

Many factors play a role in the question of how to store DVDs and CDs properly. First of all, the service life of optical media is influenced by:

  • Temperature and humidity in the room
  • Mechanical impact – falling, rough handling, deformation
  • Position during storage – it is better to place CDs vertically.
  • Disks are inevitably scratched during repeated shifting.
  • Use of stickers can upset the balance in fast drives and cause disk rupture, and chemically active glue damages the layers of optical media and the data recorded on them.
  • User care – CDs are often damaged by liquids or sunlight, and users touch the recorded surface, dirt, and corrosive substances.

What Is The Best Way To Store CDs and DVDs?

Manufacturers recommend storing CDs in special accessories: cases,wallets, protective cases, and boxes.The packages offered vary in shape, size, the number of disks to be stored, and the level of protection provided. It is recommended to store each disk in a separate case or box to prevent scratching the surface and dust. Using a CD wallet is one of the popular choices among many individuals. 

It is better to use complex cases that hold their shape well, preventing the disks from bending or deforming. Commercial booklets and containers are often used to store collections of optical media. But ideally, each disk needs a separate box. In this way, each data storage device will be protected from contamination and mechanical and atmospheric influences.

Of course, this method of storage takes up a lot of space, and a solid collection takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it is best to store electronic media on special racks for CD and DVD disks. Such furniture helps to organize the collection and harmonize the space, providing free access to materials and their careful storage.

Where to Store CDs and DVDs?

In rooms intended for long-term storage of optical storage media, it is essential to maintain the following conditions:

  • Temperature from +10 to +20 ° C (ideally), with minor daily fluctuations. The permissible temperature range is much longer—from -5 to +55 °C. But for data drives to last as long as possible, it’s best to stick to the optimum values. In a cool environment, the dye’s viscosity is preserved to the maximum, and at a constant temperature, the expansion and contraction of information carriers is minimized.
  • Relative humidity is 20-65% (optimal), with daily fluctuations of up to 5%. The permissible range is 5-90%. Short-term exposure to high humidity is acceptable, but prolonged presence in a humid environment harms the media and reduces service life.
  • Distance from heating radiators, air conditioners, and other sources of heat or moisture – at least 0.5 m.
  • Absence of direct sunlight.
  • Diffused light without UV radiation to make disks last more than one year.

To keep recorded data for a long period of time, it is enough to observe two rules: use quality media and provide favorable conditions for their storage. The quality of CD and DVD media of different brands varies considerably, so it is better to use products of trusted brands. It is necessary to create duplicates for media with critical data.


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